The Part-Time Army Officer Guide

Army Officer Guide

Learn how to have a successful Army Reserve or Army National Guard Officer Career. Achieve success. Reach your goals. Finally, a new comprehensive guide just for part-time Army Officers.

"The Part-Time Army Officer Guide: How to Have a Successful Career as a National Guard or Army Reserve Officer."

Here's What You Will Learn in my new course for Army Reserve and National Guard Officers.

· Reasons You Should Serve in the National Guard and Army Reserves

· How to Effectively Manage Your Career

· How to Get Promoted Ahead of Your Peers

· Should You Resign Your Commission or Stay in

· How Much is a Retirement Worth to You

· What Jobs and What Schools You Need to Succeed

· DA Board Promotions vs. Vacancy Board Promotions

· How to Get Promoted at Minimum Time in Grade

· How to Prepare for Promotion Boards

· How to Find the Unit Vacancies You Want

· How to Manage Your Personnel Files and Records

· How to Rise to the Top of the Organization

· The Quickest Way to Ruin Your Career

· The Quickest Way to become a HERO

· How to Stay Motivated in a Job You Don’t Enjoy

· How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

· The Truth about the Good Ole’ Boy System

· When You Should Hang Up Your Boots for Good

· What to Expect When You Retire

· Life After the Military

· And So Much More!

This is a 117-page eBook that gets emailed to you in PDF format. Just $20.

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