Part-Time Company Commander eBook

Learn How to be a Better Company Commander

New eBook and audio course for for "part-time" Army Company Commanders in the Guard or Reserves.

New eBook on CD and audio program by Charles Holmes, "Part-Time Company Commander: How to Lead a Company in the National Guard or Army Reserves." Here's what you will learn:

- What Jobs You Should Have Before You Take Command
- How to Find a Vacant Command Position, Complete your Application and Interview Successfully
- How to Conduct Your Change-of-Command Inventory
- How to Conduct Your Left-Seat-Right-Seat-Ride and WHAT Questions You Should Ask the Outgoing Commander
- What You Must Do During Your First IDT weekend and in Your First 90 days
- How to Effectively Utilize Your AGR Staff
- Your Typical Monthly Schedule
- How to Effectively Conduct a Meeting
- How to Retain Good Soldiers
- How to Handle Unit Supply, Administration and Maintenance
- How to Improve Family Readiness
- How to Develop Your Subordinates for Positions of Increased Responsibility
- How to Establish Priorities for Yourself and Your Leaders
- How to Get More Done in Less Time
- Life After Command
- And So Much More

After reading “Part Time Company Commander: How to Lead a Company in the National Guard or Army Reserves” you will know EXACTLY what you need to do prepare for command, take command, lead your company, and leave a legacy.

This is what you will get:

Data CD # 1: eBook on CD

Audio CD 2 & 3: Audio Book "Part-Time Command, Full-Time Responsibility" (111 minutes total)

Also comes with 3 FREE Bonuses. Just $27.00 plus shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed. 97 page eBook.

***** This is a physical product that will be mailed via USPS.

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