Part-Time Army NCO Leadership Guide

The new "Part-Time Army NCO Leadership Guide is designed to help USAR and ARNG NCOs develop their true potential.

"Discover How to Be a Top Notch Part-Time Army NCO and Achieve the Promotions and Jobs That You Want and Deserve… Find Out How to Solve the Most Common Problems Facing Today’s NCOs… And Learn What It Takes to Succeed and Become a Better Leader in the Process.”

New eBook Reveals the 16 Most Common Issues (and Solutions) for Today’s Part-Time Army NCOs!

Dear Part-Time Army NCO:

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m pleased to announce the release of my newest eBook The Part-Time Army NCO Leadership Guide. I recently conducted a survey with approximately 100 part-time Army NCOs. I asked the NCOs what their most common challenges were and what they were doing to solve these challenges.

After I compiled the results, I summarized everything into 16 major themes. Each theme is a chapter in my new eBook. In each chapter, I provide helpful tips to solve these common challenges. I came up with the answers by asking NCOs for their opinion, doing my own research and using personal experience.

Here’s what you will learn in my new eBook:

How to Deal with the Family Stress That Comes with Military Life

How to Stay Proficient in Your MOS

How to Deal with AWOL Soldiers

How to Deal with APFT Failures

Time Management Tips for Army NCOs

How to Take Care of Your Soldiers

How to Get Promoted Faster

How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

How to Motivate Soldiers Effectively

How to Retain Good Soldiers

How to Get Rid of the Bad Soldiers

How to Fix the Communication Gap

How to Develop Quality Soldiers

How to Enforce the Standards Properly

How to Conduct Army Counseling the Right Way

How to Write NCOERs the Best Way Possible

This 65 page eBook is short and to the point. You won’t find any fluff or redundancy. You can probably read the entire eBook in about two to three hours. The information you will learn will help you be a more effective part-time Army NCO. I’m sure the information would also benefit junior enlisted Soldiers and Officers too.

After reading The Part Time Army NCO Leadership Guide you will have a list of practical solutions to solve the everyday problems facing today’s NCOs serving in the ARNG and USAR.
Included with the eBook, you will also get.

Bonus # 1: RECOMMENDED READING LIST At the end of the eBook you fill find a recommended reading list exclusively for NCOs serving in the ARNG or USAR. These books can help you sharpen your skills and become a better military leader.

Bonus # 2: A 44-minute audio clip with 50 Leadership Ideas for Part-Time Army NCOs. This comes is a MP3 File format so you can listen to it on your computer or on your IPOD. This alone is worth the price of the course!

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