MLM Recognition Certificates

Four example MLM Certificates to help you recognize your team properly.

If there is one thing I learned in the Army it's that people will frequently give their life for recognition. They crave it more than anything else. As a MLM Leader, you need to find creative ways to recognize your team.

This doesn't have to cost you a fortune either. What I like to do is send certificates in the mail each month. With this item you will get FOUR example certificates you can use to recognize your team. These are the actual ones I use for my team.

This includes:

- Distributor of the Week (I call mine Beast of the Week)
- Rank Advancement
- Top Recruiter of the Month
- Distributor of the Month

These certificates are all in PowerPoint format. All you need to do is replace my company's logo with yours and you are set. These look great when you print them out on card-stock. Instant download. Just $10.

You'll get a good return on your time investment for the $10 you spend. It took me several hours to complete and fine tune these through the years.

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