How to Create a Marketing Funnel for Your Business

“Discover How to Create a Marketing Funnel For Your Business, So You Can Have a System That Does All Of The Selling For You… Free Up Your Time… Work Smart… And Make More Money In Your Business.”

Dear Business Owner:

I’m going to be short and to the point. I know you want more SALES and you want more TIME. I’ve found that successful businesses have a selling system that does the sifting, sorting and selling for them.

My goal is to help you create that selling system for your own business. My new course “How to Create a Marketing Funnel for Your Business” will show you how to do that.

It’s a digital download course that consists of audio training (MP3), along with an eBook, diagram and some additional reports to educate you.

Here’s a few things you will learn in my course:

• What a Marketing Funnel Is and How it Works

• Why You Need a Marketing Funnels

• Sample Marketing Funnels

• Online vs. Offline Marketing Funnels

• One Step vs. Two Step Selling Process

• Why Generating Leads (not sales) Should Always Be Your Top Priority

• Different Lead Generation Strategies You Can Use In Your Business

• How to Follow Up with Leads and Customers the Right Way

By the time you finish my course, you will know what 95% of most small business owners don’t know about sales and marketing.

Here’s what is included:

MP3 Audio # 1 – An overview about marketing funnels and explain how they are set up and how they work (40 minutes)

MP3 Audio # 2 - 8 Example Marketing Funnels (43 minutes)

22 page eBook "How to Create a Marketing Funnel"

PDF Report: Best Things To Give Away to Get More Leads

PDF Report: 15 Marketing Funnel Mistakes to Avoid

PDF Diagram: How a Marketing Funnel Works

PDF Report: 7 Example Marketing Funnels

I know you will enjoy this course immensely. Just $10. Don't miss out. This won't be around forever.

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USD 10.00

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