Part-Time Platoon Leader eBook

Learn how to be an effective Platoon Leader!

Revolutionary new eBook for part-time Platoon Leaders in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves. Learn how to be an effective Platoon Leader!

New Platoon Leader eBook for Platoon Leaders in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves. Learn some secret advice to help you develop a cohesive team of trained warriors. Discover how to be an effective, excellent and efficient leader while balancing your family time, civilian job and military career!

Here's what you will learn:

· What to Expect as an Officer in the Army National Guard

· What to Expect as a Platoon Leader

· Platoon Leader Duties & Responsibilities

· How to Build a Solid Relationship with Your Platoon Sergeant

· How to Develop the Platoon Leader Mindset

· How to be an Effective Platoon Leader

· How to Understand the Difference Between Collective Training and Individual training

· How to Develop a Platoon METL

· How to Conduct Mission Planning and Write OPORDs

· How to Host Effective Platoon Training Meetings

· The Basics about Your Military Education

· How to Develop a COHESIVE Team

· How to Set-Up Your Own Leader’s Book

· How to Increase Morale In Your Platoon with an Effective Rewards Program

· How to Conduct Initial Counseling and Handle NCOERs

· How to Properly Manage Your OER Support Form

· How to Manage the Officer Evaluation Report

· How to Maintain a High Level of Unit Readiness within Your Platoon

· Everything You Need to Know about PMCS and Motor Stables

· What You Need to Know about Property Accountability

· Jobs to Look For After Platoon Leader

· How to Effectively Manage Your Career

· How to Prepare Yourself to Be a Great Company Commander

· & Much More!

After reading my Platoon Leader eBook you will know EXACTLY what you need to do achieve success as a part-time Platoon Leader.

Features 93-pages. Digital download in PDF format. Just $17.00. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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